Save the Marriage

No marriage is flawless, but some surely fair better than others.  And many marriages fluctuate between time periods of things going really well and periods of conflict.  But when things get in particular tough, you may find yourself wondering what things you can do to save the marriage.

While in some cases it may take drastic measures, there are frequently some less extreme shifts you can make which will have much more good affect than you might think.

If your marriage is currently going through a tough time, read on for two seemingly minor adjustments you and your partner can make to save the marriage.  Frequently its the smaller things that can really make a difference over time.

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Get out of the routine rut

It is very easy to get stuck in a mundane routine which starts to make your marriage feel dead and dull.  It occurs in innumerable marriages because to a large level, we, as humans, like to persist in our comfort zone.

And routines are cozy.  That being stated, routines do serve some role in terms of maintaining life ordered rather than chaotic.  So there must be a balance.

If you are at a point where you need to save the marriage, it may be time to spice things up a bit and transfer your routine.  Determine to shift your natural routine for a couple of weeks.  Perhaps you can agree to be more spontaneous when it comes to intimacy.

Rather than do the same action week after week (like dinner party at your parents each Thursday evening) reserve that block of time and choose a different action every week.  It will help you pull out of the stagnant pattern you have fallen into.

Dont forget the romance!

frequently when two individuals feel they must save the marriage, the romance has fizzled or disappeared entirely.  When you were first going out, and Perhaps even early on in your marriage, there was probably much of romance.  Flowers, love notes, candlelight dinners, etc. were an great part of your relationship.

Romance is fun, exciting, and is a way to show your spouse how fantastic he or she is to you.  Romance is also part of what separates your relationship with each other from all your other relationships in life.

Too some mates quickly miss this part of their relationship, particularly when careers, babies and family tasks take up all of their time and energy.  The romantic gestures and times together dwindle or quit altogether.  Except for occasional sex, they begin practically living like roommates.

If your marriage is suffering and you are not sure enough what to do to save the marriage, one of the things which can assist is to start dating again and get romance back into the picture.

While it may seem silly or superficial, those fantastic loving gestures can assist you begin to reconnect.  You know what things make your spouse feel fantastic.  And that is actually what romance is all about.

If you truly want to save the marriage, work towards getting some spontaneity and romanticism back into your relationship.  Not only will it make you both feel more excited and conscious, it will add some much needed fun.

But most of all, those romantic gestures will assist reignite the love that was once there as you strive to show your spouse, in little ways, just how much he or she means to you.

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