Saving My Marriage

If the key worry going through your brain these days is what am I going to do about saving my marriage, you are for sure not unique.  At any given time thousands of matches are struggling with marital difficulties.

Some are in a dead blown marital crisis or have already quit and filed away for divorcement.  But it doesnt have to be that way.  Allow me to share with you great steps I took to get my marriage cured when, like you, all I could consider about was saving my marriage.

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Shift expectations

When my marriage was falling apart I had to figure out that if saving my marriage was truly important to me, then possibly I needed to start by changing my expectations.

I was young and nave when I got married.  I had all sorts of surrealistic expected values about marriage which were producing troubles.  Following were a few of them which I had to change:

  • A good marriage should never have battle
  • My partner should know me so well that I dont need to say out loud what Im feeling at heart  if Im upset, he should just recognise why
  • There should forever be lots of romance and excitement in our marriage

I wish I could say that is the whole listing, but for the moment I will just contribution those.  As you can see, I had expected values which were unachievable for even the greatest marriage to live up to.

Be a giver not a taker

Other area which I actually needed to change for the interest of saving my marriage was to end always being a taker.  While I didnt mean to be, I began to understand that I was often very self-loving in the relationship.  I expected my spouse to give and give, but I wasnt in truth giving very much in return.

I had to really step back and recognize that I couldnt take my spouse for granted; that I needed to let go of my self-centered tendencies and start searching for ways to be much more giving to my spouse.

Develop my spouses self-esteem

One of the areas I had really let my spouse down was by not really developing her self-esteem.  I had just naively assumed that she never asked that from me.  She had so many great qualities.

I seldomly said or did anything supporting, because I considered she didnt require it from me.  Needless to say, when I really started concentrating on saving my marriage, developing her self-esteem became a top priority.

Be supportive

One of the important areas I truly required to focus on with regards to saving my marriage was to be much more supportive of my spouse.  I had foolishly taken her strengths and self-assurance for granted.  I didnt get just how much she longed for my support, ease and reassurance

Saving my marriage became a high priority for me.  As I worked on each of these three countries I saw that my spouse was answering by giving me more of the same in return.

I had been overlooking my marriage for a long time.  Hopefully, you will stop neglecting yours and start taking some important steps.  For me, it took time and effort, but it was well worth it.  I hope it is for you also!

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