Sexless Marriage

Corresponding to early studies in the USA, nearly 20 million couples have a sexless marriage.  Relationship experts determine this kind of marriage as one in which the couple engages in sexual intimacy no more than 10 times in a year.

For many couples, that type of situation may actually suit them exactly fine, but for the majority, it is a problem, and a challenging one at that.

Sex is a really big part of marriage, and anyone who attempts to convince you opposite, is silly.  When a marriage is lacking of sexual involvement, it can stir some challenging emotions for one or both mates.

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Defeat, angriness, bitterness, resentment, and unhappiness are some of those feelings.  Also, a sexless marriage is especially vulnerable to infidelity, and ultimately, divorce.

If you are living in a sexless marriage, following are some of the reasons it may be taking place.  If you can discover the unsaid issue (assuming you dont recognize what it is) then you can work towards finding a answer.

For men, there are a sort of reasons why they have either lost interest in sex itself or lost desire for their married woman.  Some of the most causes why men are the ones creating a sexless marriage are:

  • His wife doesnt like to be adventurous when it comes to sex
  • His wife doesnt genuinely love having sex
  • His wife doesnt get him excited
  • he is no more drawn to her
  • His wife has sacked up a lot of extra pounds
  • He has erectile dysfunction
  • He is involved in an affair
  • Hes tired in the relationship

For women, many of the troubles are alike, but there are often some new causes they may be creating a sexless marriage as well:

  • Her married man handles her like an object  to her, sex feels like it is completely about him
  • She wishes more traditional sex; he wants to perform things shes not easy with
  • Her married man has let himself go and she is no longer drawn to him
  • Shes angry at her married man
  • Shes down
  • She has a difficult time getting orgasm

There are some other causes for both men and women, but those are just a few that are frequently reported.

So what are great things you can do if you have seen yourself co-existing with your spouse in a sexless marriage?

First, it is urgent that you open up the lines of talking.  Not talking about it is same neglecting the very big elephant in the room in most cases.  Continuing to ignore it or tiptoe around it is only going to lead to the two of you becoming further apart over time.

Sex is a powerful way to get in touch with each other, but especially for men.  While women are more often than not more comfortable speaking about their feelings and showing love in a variety of ways, some men display love and affection via sex.

If yours is a sexless marriage, that association is likely to decline, if not disappear altogether.  Talking is very essential to handle the issue as well as to see the greatest course of action to take.

Second, as you talk, determine in what ways each of you can compromise so that the relationship is sexually satisfying to both of you.  If the problem, for example, is that one of you is much more adventurous than the other, perhaps you can find some middle ground which is mutually satisfying to both of you.

Third, if anger, bitter or resentment is leading in a sexless marriage, you must both be glad to get to the bottom of that issue and work through it.  It may be that you need a therapist to assist you, but one way or the other, letting go of mad or suffering feelings is essential to getting your marriage back on track.

Real intimacy cannot occur when hostility is existing.  The sooner you can forgive and let go, the earlier you can begin to have an emotionally and sexually fulfilling relationship.

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