Stop Marriage Divorce

If your marriage is in crisis and you or your mate are thinking that a divorce is your only option, you must realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.

To stop marriage divorce it is very critical that you understand that what appears to be unworkable and irreconcilable today may not look that way tomorrow.

But in order to obtain some perspective on the issue and begin go towards another solution, there are some things you can do.

Write down all the great things about your marriage

One of the first things you can do is to write all the great things about your marriage. This can be very challenging if you are very mad, broken, upset, or bitter towards your partner.

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But if you can take a little time, and for a while put those emotions aside, you may be surprised at how many great things you can get that will make you want to stop marriage divorce.

It is often said that what we concentrate on enlarges. Chances are, you have spent a lot of time focusing on the negative things of your marriage for long period of time, that you have totally lost view of all the positive things. Not to bring up, if you have already registered for a divorce, it is human nature to look for everything we can to justify the decision that was made.

Recognize that tendency and determine to come up with a long list of all the things you love and value about your spouse as well as your lifespan together. There are some. If they were not, you would have never gotten married to begin with.

Write down the second list

After you have made that listing, make a another list where you put down all the negative factors that go with a divorce. In addition to the financial toll it will probably take, it will also affect your children, it will be very stressful for you, and many other losses as well will be your end results.

As both of these lists develop, you may very well start guessing that to stop marriage divorce is a much greater plan than going through with it.

Write down the third list

Now that you have made those two lists, make a third list. This time include all the ways in which you have been bringing to or creating troubles in your marriage. Sometimes people who are thinking divorce tend to focus on all their spouses defects while rejecting to consider their own.

Sadly, if you never bother to see your own relationship flaws, you are going to take them with you right into the next relationship. It is better to stop marriage divorce immediately than end up in the same situation with someone new a few years from now.

Dont be amazed if you wake up one day and feel like you are repeating your other relationship. Without considering inventory and creating some hard personal shifts, you will tend to keep attracting the same type of mate and having the same types of conflicts.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to work on yourself instantly, in this relationship, if at all possible? Once you create this lists, determine what some of the steps are that you can take to shift the problematic patterns that come from you.

Making positive personal change is a essential way to stop marriage divorce but it shows your spouse that you are aware of your shortcomings and are willing to work on them.

Encourage your partner  to write similar lists

Last of all, encourage your partner (gently, dont pressure!) to write similar lists of his or her own. Doing an exercise like this and talking over what you both have find out can be a small step towards getting your marriage back on track.

If you truly want to stop marriage divorce, start putting some thought into these lists and then go from there. You may be surprised at what you find in the process!

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